Twinhead Theatre aids and abets self-producing artists while entertaining Atlanta with raw, adventurous content

Twinhead Theatre consists of a core ensemble of writers and performers who have created numerous theatrical productions, sketch shows, one-night performative happenings, and even a feature-length movie, in addition to presenting out-of-town artists and organizing the Atlanta Fringe Festival.

Twinhead is proud to constantly add to a roster of guest artists and take new talent under its collective wing by opening up both the writing and performing of their shows. In this way, the company can use its fourteen years of experience to support and enable awesome people to write smart sketch comedy and create memorable characters.


What they're saying

A heartfelt homage to the science-fiction action adventure genre...In typical "Star Trek" fashion, "Disaster Aboard The Orlando" touches on facets of the human condition.

Loaded Guns: the Movie can deliver...slap-your-knee and laugh out loud comedy.

In Resisting the Birthmark....Twinhead clearly grooves on Austin’s avant-garde approach that messes with theatrical forms...the play unquestionably provides fresh perspectives for reading classics through new eyes.

Twinhead specializes in a Grand Guignol style of comedy.

As the Atlanta Fringe Festival’s name suggests, event producers are happily looking to create some space in the margins for independent artists.